Awakening Divine Wildness

Meet Alyssa Dver, Chief Confidence Officer  

April 1, 2019

Alyssa Dver, uses the science of confidence to help students & professionals have higher achievement and impact. She co-founded the American Confidence Institute to conduct and collect research that is shared through keynotes, workshops, peer group mentoring & coaching programs.

Clients include MIT, Wharton, Harvard, IBM, Spotify, Wayfair, Pepsi, The US Air Force, State Street, Staples, The Royal Bank of Canada, plus dozens more.

One of the 5 recognized by Boston Best Speakers, Alyssa is author of “Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game.” and a 7th book due out this summer.

In this episode, she teaches us the importance of sticking to your values and making decisions based on your core values.

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