Awakening Divine Wildness

How your inner work creates outer success with Kristina Tsipouras

June 11, 2018

Kristina Tsipouras is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest creation Moroccan Magic Lip Balm will be in 25,000 stores nationwide by September. She also started one of the largest platforms for women online, the Boston Business Women now with over 16,000 members. Her path to the top has had many challenges and failures along the way. Each time she got knocked down she knew there was something she needed to learn about herself to step up and go to the next level. She is a woman that believes her self-care has been the key to her extraordinary success personally and professionally. Kristina knows exactly how to clarify what she wants even down to manifesting her man who she will soon marry. You can reach her at or


Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Mal Duane invites women to embrace their divine wildness. Listen in and learn how to move from pain and heartache to forgiveness and freedom so you can live the radiant life you deserve.