Awakening Divine Wildness

Mal is Going on Sabbatical- Don’t Let Fear Stop You

April 14, 2020

I have loved doing this show for three years and now it’s time to take a brief break. I am planning this biggest move of my life, I’m going to California.  Admittedly my schedule has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but it will not stop me. I have loved every minute of the interviews I have done with leading luminaries, authors, shamans and coaches.  I also think that my time is better served right now by directly helping people who are being impacted. I know many of you are struggling with the stay in place mandates and also being impacted by new financial challenges.

I am going to focus on my energy work, for now, doing healings remotely with those in need. 

I promise I will return at some point in the fall when I get settled in my new California home. Please stay healthy and follow the CDC guidelines. Most importantly, do not let fear takeover, or derail your future plans. Just pause, breathe and believe with all your heart you will get through this. 


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