Awakening Divine Wildness

Meet Anne Wade, Founder of Soulmate Dance

September 30, 2019

Anne Wade is a coach, teacher, author, cheerleader, and instigator. Though she formerly excelled at holding herself back (somehow still managing to achieve a lot), Anne now fearlessly explores life, love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creating a fulfilling life by design. She shares her discoveries through Soulmate Dance. Like dancing, it’s about hearing your music and getting into the flow without stepping on too many toes including your own. The key? Asking deeper questions then listening to and implementing the answers.

Ann has a fabulous FREE Love Starters Kit on her website

Armed with a Masters in Education from Cambridge College and a diverse collection of certifications, Anne has served major industries, small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.   

Three key tips Anne gives in our conversation are:

  1. Be willing to be found.
  2. You need to know exactly what you want.
  3. 4 Questions you must ask yourself.

Anne's clear and concise advice will help anyone find love again.

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