Awakening Divine Wildness

Meet Clare Chater, The Rainbow Shaman

February 3, 2020

Clare Chater Is from Essex in the UK. Her shamanic training is Peruvian lineage. 

She is a MESA carrier and has received sacred MESA rights, which have been installed and strengthened.

The training that she has done extensive, sometimes known as the medicine wheel, it’s common to spend at least a year in each direction building a relationship with its power. The directions being South, West, North & East. Each energy manifesting itself in the form of an animal, so that communication and relationship can be built.  

She has had a lifelong initiation process into shamanism which took her life into love for health and healing.

She works with the understanding that we are 3 part beings. Her sessions will allow for cognitive shifts in your brain and your thought patterns, energy healing for your body and metaphysical connection for your soul. She believes personal awareness is instrumental in self-healing.

In this episode, she shares what the MESA is and the healing powers it holds as well as the characteristics of the four directions.

She has a free video series for you at Pash Ceremony


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