Awakening Divine Wildness

Meet Dr. Colleen Georges, Founder of Rescript Your Story

April 15, 2019

Dr. Colleen Georges provides Positive Psychology-based life/career coaching, leads community wellness groups, and delivers speaking engagements. Colleen is also a Rutgers University Lecturer in counseling and women’s leadership and teaches Psychology of Women at Middlesex County College. Colleen received her Doctorate in Counseling from Rutgers and holds over a dozen coaching and counseling certifications. In her TEDx Talk, “Re-Scripting the Stories We Tell Ourselves,” Colleen discusses how we can transform our lives by changing our internal dialogue. Colleen is the author of  RESCRIPT the Story You’re Telling Yourself: The Eight Practices to Quiet Your Inner Antagonist, Amplify Your Inner Advocate, & Author a Limitless Life.

In this episode, Dr. Colleen Georges takes us through her powerful RESCRIPT process and teaches us how to connect with our inner advocate.

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