Awakening Divine Wildness

Meet Noemi Grace, Psychotherapist and Soul Healer

August 19, 2019

Noemi Grace is a psychotherapist and soul healer who channels new perspectives from God on unconditional self-love, forgiveness, Divine grace, and life’s purpose. Her new book, An Intimate Dialogue with God: The Miraculous Power of Unconditional Self-Love, is the first in a series of books that shares her transformative communication with God and her experience as she learns to apply the Divine messages to her life.

Her passions include sharing these beautiful uplifting messages and helping people to heal patterns, wounds, and losses that have been resistant to healing. A unique aspect of her work is that she channels answers to people’s burning questions directly from the Divine. In her workshops and courses, she helps people discover their unique essence and dissolve their barriers to self-love and acceptance. 

If you struggle with self-love, you absolutely want to listen to this show.


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